Bing, Nycb, Wenvis, Portal Roulette Master, Best looking Gnome

DoV History:

Been in the guild since 2006 during BC expansion as Nycb.

Raided with team Brave. 

Raided with guild Gruul’s Lair 25 man as mage tank.

Formed team Brat Pack in WotLK. 

Left WoW halfway through Cataclysm, came back, left again half way through MoP, came back, left again halfway through WoD.

Watched the new Warcraft movie and fell in love with Legion.

Took over the guild from Oggy because he said “it will be fun”.

Famous for:

Leading guildmates into groups of elites after being invisible

Porting guildmates to Theramore when they asked for Shat

Putting Theramore port on top of the summoning stone and ask for guildmates to click on it to help summon

Pushing “DO NOT PUSH” button in Ulduar

Marrying one of the hottest girls in guild/server/game/world

Real life bio:

Husband of Amujia, father of 2 little gnomes. Navy Seabees Vet. Business technology manager for a hospital in MA.