Alts:  Adorixia, Phorescence, Illixholdt, Meitaj, Sephiras, Zambria DoV History: Amujia has been a rogue in the guild for over 10 years.  Much of this time has been spent as Assassination, though she has dabbled in Subltey.  Her roles have included everything from Rogue class command to The Hammer King (Guild Leader).  Currently she is the […]


AKA: Bing, Nycb, Wenvis, Portal Roulette Master, Best looking Gnome DoV History: Been in the guild since 2006 during BC expansion as Nycb. Raided with team Brave.  Raided with guild Gruul’s Lair 25 man as mage tank. Formed team Brat Pack in WotLK.  Left WoW halfway through Cataclysm, came back, left again half way through […]